Uganda002 assumptions:

PCU has been supplying sufficient power since 8 june WIFI has been operational since 10 june

Mon Jun 13 06:15:29 2011, uganda002 online Sun Jun 12 05:24:16 2011, uganda002 online Mon Jun 6 14:55:43 2011, uganda002 online

Looking at the logs received, rajesh believes that the SMS queue is operating normally. that is, the time stamp from the gateway and the meter correspond indicating a lack of delay in the queueing of messages.

Uganda002 possible issues:

Uganda002 troubleshooting steps:

check all parameters on the webmin page for corruption:

check specific circuit pages for watthour and credit readings and evidence of corruption on power cycle

send report from the SMS log page to see if messages are being queued correctly

text message to meter "hello meter" to see if the modem/meter is working and responding